EGO, is an organization with history that dates back to the first years of the Republic, this well established organization is well aware of the tasks it undertakes, is institutionalized, able to progressively change itself and successfully surpass the goals it has set for itself. EGO has lead the way to many firsts in Turkey and is a valuable brand for the capital city Ankara.

We offer transportation services to close to one million people every day from one point to another with our metro and buses. In order to make Ankara a model city in transportation services for the world we are always doing our work with the concept of citizens' satisfaction at the center of everything. The international awards we have received in recent years is the most important indicator of our success.

We combine our innovative management approach with the modern technology to offer services to our citizens.

Our company aims is to speed up and facilitate the daily living especially in urban region by taking advantage of information and communication technologies in our services by emphasizing on the use of IT-supported transportation applications which is in short called "Intelligent Transportation Systems"

One is EGO MOBILE (EGO CEP'te) application which was chosen as Turkey's most prominent project among all public transportation and other IT related sectors. With this application we have won the "Most Promising e-Government Award" by the World E-Government Organization - WeGo. We prevented our fellow citizens of Ankara from waiting for the bus at the stop with the EGO CEP'te application. Other Intelligent Transportation projects that we offer are "Smart Card, Smart Bus-Stop and In-Vehicle Passenger Information System" to our  fellow citizens.

In order to ensure the accessibility of our disabled citizens and in order for them to take advantage of our buses, we have installed disabled ramps in many of our buses. We are continuing our work to make all of our buses suitable for the disabled use. Also our bus fleet was fitted with air conditioning units in the vehicles that did not have air conditioning and therefore we have increased the number of our air-conditioned buses to 1464.

With the 24 hour uninterrupted transportation service, the residents, now can travel to the 9 main districts of Ankara. Appealing %90 of the passengers of the Capital, there will be 280 voyages on 35 lines.As well as the bus voyages, last subway lines are rescheduled to 01:00 am. For those subway passengers, ring voyages will continue.

All those busses in the service have A.C. and accessible for disabled passengers and wheelchair users.

Our goal is to have a public transportation service that is integrated with information and communication technologies, with a system that is reliable, active, efficient, innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and respectful to human beings.

As we emphasized at every opportunity, Ankara's valuable brand EGO, as it continues to develop will continue to offer transportation services without a hitch with the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.


General Manager