Transport Coordination Centre (UKOME), the Metropolitan Municipality was established under the Act based on the Metropolitan Municipality, take decisions about transport and regulation of traffic, passenger transport fees and the determination of public transport lines and routes. The decisions taken within the Metropolitan municipalities and other public institutions and organizations within the boundaries of the metropolitan real and legal persons binds.

UKOME Meetings are chaired by the Metropolitan Mayor or his designee. Meetings,  maximum of ten people at least at the level of branch manager from Metropolitan Municipality and carried out with the participation of a representative from Ministry of Defence, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Security General Directorate, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of State Railways, the General Directorate of Land Transport, Railways and Airports Construction, General Directorate of State Airports Authority. These meetings, in access to its own county and first degree municipalities mayors of interest or a member appointed by the attending. All of these members are eligible to vote at meetings. Professional organizations, can be invited to meetings in order to obtain their opinions. Universities, foundations and associations representatives are invited to the meetings. UKOME´s decisions are published on the website of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.


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