When the AnkaraKarts that are forgotten by our passengers on our Public Transportation vehicles operated by our Organization are turned over to the driver or control officer, the tracking of the cards are done by the Lost and Found office.

The list of cards that are turned over to the Lost & Found are prepared and posted below periodically every month to communicate to the public. If you have forgotten or lost your cards on the public transportation vehicles, you can inquire in person or by phone to the Lost & Found office of EGO General Directorate's Bus Department. You will be able to receive the AnkaraKart in exchange for signing the form and giving relevant information about the AnkaraKart to the officials which include the type of card, on what route it was lost and the date and time it was lost.


Kızılay Metro İstasyonu Ankarakart Danışma Merkezi

Address of Lost & Found Services :

Bus Operations Dept  :  507 12 47
Metro Operations  :  354 59 33
Ankaray Operations  :  224 11 70

Below you can see the list of AnkaraKarts which were forgotten and found on the public transportation vehicles.

Tarih Adı Soyadı Açıklama