First time in Turkey - Cable Car was built for the purpose of Public Transportation.

Cable car system that was constructed between Yenimahalle and Şentepe, first began with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assembly's decision numbered : 172, dated 02.13.2012, then tendered for technical research and discussions on 08.15.2012, as a result  the route and the system was identified. Afterwards the work was tendered on 03.26.2013 and then a contract was signed with the contractor on 05.14.2013, wherein the construction work started. Then with the opening the cable car started carrying passengers on 06.17.2014. 

Yenimahalle - Şentepe Cable Car System 

  • Planned as maximum capacity to be able to transport 2400 people / hour one way.
  • The line is starting from Yenimahalle metro station and provides transportation from the air all the way to Şentepe's Center.
  • Between Yenimahalle and Şentepe the cable car system will move 106 cabins at the same time, includes 4 stops and has a total length of 3257 meters.
  • A cabin enters the station every 15 seconds and travels the full length in approximately 13.5 minutes with a 200-meter difference in elevation.
  • The cable car system that connects Yenimahalle metro station with Şentepe Center will transport without waiting the people exiting the metro in a short period of time to Şentepe.
  • The cable car system works in synchronization with the metro and helps bring relief to Ankara's traffic and prevents the additional burden on the roads.
  • Cable cars are easily used by everyone including people with disabilities, the elderly and children.
  • The cable car line which opened on 06.17. 2014, does not charge for transportation.


TOTAL LINE LENGTH: 3.257 metre