BORYS FILATOV, The Mayor Of Ukrain’s Dnipro Municipality Has Examinated The Metro And Teleferic System Of Ankara

BORYS FILATOV, The Mayor Of Ukrain’s Dnipro Municipality Has Examinated The Metro And Teleferic System Of Ankara

Mayor of Dnipro,  Ukraine's fastest-growing industrial city and  the accompanying delegation has  visited Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek.

Guest Mayor Borys Filatov said at the visit which has occured at the mayor gokçek’s Office that they want to take  advantage of President Gökçek's experiences.

Guest Mayor Fılatov pointed out  Dnipro's being a fast developing city with its heavy-duty industry and  space technology and stated that they will provide all kinds of convenience to Turkish businessmen and invited them to invest in his country. Guest Chairman asked for support and expressed his desire to benefit from mayor Gökçek’s experience.

Mayor Gökçek: ‘’There isn’t a school  for  mayoralty.’’

Mayor  Gökçek,  expressed his wish for the success to Borys Filatov, Mayor of Dinpro, and  will provide them with all kinds of support as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality . Mayor gökçek continued his words as follows:

 ‘’Of course our advantage is that ı have been the mayor of Metropolitan Municipality for 23 years. if you put my Mayoralty of the district for 5 years on that 23 years. This is almost a 30 years of experience’’    and continued:
"Mayoralty can be learned within the first 5-10 years. You are not born as a mayor. It hasn’t a school too.  There are huge differences in my thoughts which is 20 years ago and  now.  when i consider past years, we were finishing an overpass in two years. Now , we can construct the overpasses between 35 days and 3 months, it depends on its size. We have tried asphalt for years but i have just found my kind of it for 3-4 years. These are  always been through experimentation and testing. The pavements are the same. So everything is experience. I hope we are ready to make all kinds of cooperation. "



Mayor Gökçek informed his Ukrainian guests that while many municipalities pay Money  for disposing the waste per a ton,  we had carried out this work without paying a single cent in Ankara and if they want they will be able to visit such facilities and receive information.



Mayor Gokcek also explained that they have constructed the biggest theme park of Europe which is  in Ankara and summarized the information about ANKAPARK as follows:

"There are about 60 toys in Disneyland, we have 1217  in ANKAPARK . ANKAPARK comes from a combination of many parks. You can not visit it completely  in 1 day. There is no such an example in the world. There are 15 roller coasters. There is the world's largest dinosaur which is 70 meters long in it. There will be dinosaur activities in a 20,000 meters of closed-door area. The world's largest water, music, sound and  light show will also be in ANKAPARK. The most important feature of the park is  it is going to work for 12 months, open and closed way."



THE GUEST MAYOR FİLATOV who thanked to mayor gökçek and asked for all kinds of help and cooperation from him also said ‘’ "We have seen various applications of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, especially its waste treatment systems, in place. The Şentepe teleferic , which is especially compatible with the rail system is also very convenient for our city. We have 7 hills in our city. The teleferic is a right project for us too.

After the talks, while Mayor  Gokcek presented the guest Mayor Fılatov with a porcelain plate in memory of the day,  the guest mayor gave a wall clock that has a city emblem in it to mayor gokçek

Mahmut EMIRDOĞAN, our Deputy General Manager had made a presentation on Transportation System of Ankara to Ukrainian Dnipro Mayor Borys FILATOV and his accompanying delegation.

After the presentation, Mahmut emirdoğan, together with the Mayor  and with his  delegation made an examination in Ankara Metro and  the Teleferic System.

The guest mayor stated that he was impressed  by the successfully operated system  of the Metro and the teleferic system and thanked to all.

Release Date: 20.09.2016
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